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Taking your designs to the next level
Web Design

Introduced to web design in 1997, we continued learning and building through the decades. We enjoy learning and evolving with the internet age in which we live. This knowledge allows us to provide you with the web site you desire, to reach your target audience.

2D Drafting

Having grown up in the pre-computer era of drafting, we have the natural skills to convey designs and layouts in standard 2-dimension drawings layouts.

3D Modeling

Sometimes it's easier to visualize your ideas when they're built in 3 dimensions. We understand this and build accurate 3D models, complete with materials, textures, lighting and shadows.

BIM Management

The ever changing industry is accepting more and more Building Information Modeling (BIM). This is a huge process that links design ideas, through drafting models to contractors and builders to create a continual flow of information and an efficient project timeline as possible.

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We have designed and developed many awesome products. Just take a look.
  • Product Hoppers
    Product Hoppers
    CAD / BIM
  • Dura-Drive Conveyor
    Dura-Drive Conveyor
    CAD / BIM
  • Belt-on-Slat Conveyor
    Belt-on-Slat Conveyor
    CAD / BIM
  • Product Detwigger
    Product Detwigger
    CAD / BIM
  • Hospital Addition
    Hospital Addition
    CAD / BIM
  • E2W Magazine
    E2W Magazine
    Web Design
  • Buell Riders Online
    Buell Riders Online
    Web Design
  • Rooftop Heat Exchanger
    Rooftop Heat Exchanger
    CAD / BIM
  • Relief Air Unit
    Relief Air Unit
    CAD / BIM
  • Air Handling Unit
    Air Handling Unit
    CAD / BIM
  • 7-11 Prototype
    7-11 Prototype
    CAD / BIM
  • Product Shear
    Product Shear
    CAD / BIM
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About US

We develop quality designs for any size client.
Design and Drafting since 2006

Our deeply-rooted skill set is only surpassed by our passion to create what has not yet been.

The owner, Leland Fried, grew up drafting in the business his father started in the 1970's. As years went on, Leland grew into TurboCAD, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor and SolidWorks, among others. His passion is 3D models and BIM implementation.

Leland began Web Design as a past time in junior high. Beginning with HTML and CSS in 1996, moving on to Java and Flash as time progressed. He built many websites for himself, family, friends and eventually clients.

Now here we are, opening the door of opportunity to offer our services to more potential happy customers!

  • 2D Drafting

    Our roots, this is where it all started.

  • 3D Modeling

    Our drafting passion; any scale from nuts and bolts to sites and buildings.

  • BIM Management

    We stay ahead of the curve. As an Autodesk Beta Site, we test many softwares and plugins before they're available for purchase.

  • Web Design

    HTML and web coding is like a second language (and many more) to us. It comes naturally and we enjoy every minute of it.

Our Team

Check our awesome team members who always work hard to provide quality products.
Leland Fried

Computer nerd since early childhood, Leland was always assisting family and friends with their computer needs. With an eye for design and a mind for business, Leland started NextDimDesigns to offer his skills beyond his close network of family and friends.


Check what our awesome happy clients saying about us.

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